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Amazon Machine Images

An amazon machine image with a pre-configured version of BlueIce3 will soon be available from the AWS Marketplace. The commercial AWS image will cost money however you can always stand up your own BlueIce3 based server by following the steps and documentation on this site.

Please take the time to read about the default configuration of the BlueIce3 server. Including default ports and services. Your security group should look like the following to have out-of-the-box connectivity with image blueice3_0409.

A system port scan from an out-of-the-box blueice3_0409 image is depicted below. There are no unnecessary open ports anywhere in the port range.

** Published AMIs require a default SSH port 22 to be open. We close this port in our security-group and in sshd_config. We recommend changing the SSHD port to a non-standard port immediately after connecting to your BlueIce3 instance.

To locate the current version of BlueIce3 in the AWS Marketplace. Simply click the 'Launch Instance' button in your AWS Console login. Select 'AWS Marketplace' from the list of AMI categories on the left hand side of the screen.

The current AMI for BlueIce3 can be found by searching for the BlueIce3 image and version number. As depicted below we are searching for 'BlueIce3'. Subversion information is listed in the BlueIce3 main directory, run 'bih' at the command prompt. There will be a README file with information on the sub-version of this release.

In the default user's home directory there is a protected file called README.txt. You can view this file at the command prompt by running the command, 'sudo cat README.txt' in your home directory. This file has configuration information about SSH and MySQL including port numbers and default password formulas for viewing your unique default passwords. Not to worry, MySQL is only listening on localhost in our default configuration. An example AWS Marketplace search is depicted below.

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