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Quick Setup

This page has extra information how to quickly setup BlueIce3 on a Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS system.
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Quick Setup
First thing we'll need to do is download a copy of the latest version of the BlueIce3. You can run the following commands to get the current version.
tar -zxvf blueice3_0409.tar.gz
rm blueice3_0409.tar.gz
Alternatively you can download the following script and run it...
chmod +x ./bi3qi.txt
You may want to normalize the owner and group after downloading and expanding the tar ball. The example below uses a default 'ubuntu' user account, replace this with the desired account.
sudo chown -R ubuntu ./blueice3
sudo chgrp -R ubuntu ./blueice3
Run the following command to complete the base installation.
sudo chmod +x ./blueice3_base_install
Next we'll setup the database credentials, schema, etc. You'll have to provide a root account for the mysql database, be sure to save the password you choose in a safe place. More information on the overall configuration needs of BlueIce3 can be found
sudo chmod +x ./blueice3_mysql_install
That should be everything you need to get setup and running. You can find more information on the installation, configuration, and automation here under the detailed information section. There are also some detailed steps to verify you're setup is working correctly in the detailed information section. More information on the automation setup of BlueIce3 can be found here.
In order to prevent false positives the initial installation of BlueIce3 uses a no-url approach to detecting attacks that is something like 89% accurate out of the box.
Advanced Setup
BlueIce3 version supports sharing lists of blocked IP addresses with trusted hosts via a PHP web service tier and CLI tool support. In order to activate the sharing of blocked IPs you need to register your host servers, more on that
here. You also need to run an extra installation step that will activate the PHP web service tier.
sudo chmod +x ./blueice3_share_blocked_ips_install
If you're installing an upgraded version of BlueIce3 you should run the database migration files to make sure your existing database schema is up to date, fresh installations won't have to worry about this step. It is recommended to run migrations before you run the share blocked IPs installation or the base install scripts.
sudo chmod +x ./blueice3_mysql_run_migrations
Quick Upgrade
It is also quick and easy to apply the latest updates to an existing BlueIce3 installation. Simply run the commands listed below in the same directory the "blueice3" resides. The commands may look similar to those listed above but the "bi3qu" script uses the quick install script after performing some pre and post steps.
chmod +x ./bi3qi.txt
chmod +x ./bi3qu.txt
If you get asked to confirm file deletions when running the upgrade script cancel the command and run the following command. This will force all those unwanted delete prompts.
sudo ./bi3qu.txt
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